" My journey with Barrie began late 2016 doing small group pilates on his morphmats. At the beginning of this year (2017) i began doing a one-hour private reformer session weekly. These photos are before and after shots, and i can honestly give the bulk of the credit for my new improved shape to my sessions with him. Combined with a healthy eating regime, the reformer sessions have toned and strengthened my body, and motivated me to continue on my healthy weight path.

Barrie’s knowledge of the human form and function is amazing. He explains everything we are doing and why, and his motivation and encouragement is brilliant! he has a wholistic approach to his work, and his experience in ballet and pilates combines to focus on core strength and stability. His focus during the sessions is such that he will notice muscles starting to cramp even before i feel them. The sessions have taught me to be much more conscious of my stature and composure, often finding myself correcting my posture throughout my day-to-day activities.

I leave each session feeling exhilarated, knowing that i have worked hard, am improving in strength and flexibility, and am close to achieving my weight-loss goal as well. "

Mrs Wendy Paton, Australia
"The Morphmat System has improved my strength & flexibility, especially targeting areas of weakness due to past sporting injuries. Barrie is direct and extremely clear in his teaching. The benefits of the compact mat and online teaching are extremely useful to me at home and when travelling. Being able to take a class with flexible timing has provided a uniquely practical experience."

Mrs Fiona Laws, Australia
"Barrie is able to be specific in his instructions and can observe even minor changes in my posture or movements. I tune in to his voice and concentrate on reprogramming my body accordingly, without the distraction of having to watch an instructor and then trying to copy them. I love working this way and the benefits have been exponential."

Ms Jan Robinson, Australia
"The great thing about the system Barrie has devised here is the unique balance of gentleness and rigour in the exercises, and how that works synergistically with the low-tech elegance of the equipment. This makes it brilliant for everyone from dancers in rehab to the elderly in care, and for the busy professional a couple of rollers will fit in your cabin baggage and keep you toned through a long flight. It does take some knowledge and guidance to be sure you're using both mat and rollers properly, but the investment is more than worth it. You can expect a perceptibly stronger core and straighter alignment after your first session or two!."

Ms Jaqi Pascoe, Australia
"Testimony to this is the significant improvement to my strength, flexibility and fitness. I look forward to attending each and every class, safe in the knowledge that I am being instructed by a highly professional and talented practitioner. Live conference classes, one to one - convenience and consistency redefined."

Mrs S Jones, UK
"Under Barrie's training and close supervision, my posture has been corrected and the upper and lower body's muscles strengthened. This has helped to minimise the over-straining of my neck muscles, thus preventing the recurring of the Cervical Spondylosis problem."

Mrs Tan-Pin, Singapore
"Barrie was greatly empathic about my need to return to competitive dancing but had an innate sense of the ideal pace the rehabilitation should follow in order to provide secure and productive classes. His own dance training and a wholistic understanding of the body has deepened my understanding of movement while aiding recovery. I found his advice on leg strength and spinal alignment to have yielded definitive results."

Ms Chamali Kariyawasam, Sri Lanka
"A few years back I had tremendous sciatic pain. After a few individual sessions with Barrie I gradually got better & now continue to do the exercises regularly on my own. I am ever so grateful to him."

Mrs Miko Gunewardene, Sri Lanka
"I tried a session and the rest is history. Our sessions tackled the triggers where the simplest of movements and adjustments of my weight-bearing prompted a renewed sense of wearing my body better. I feel taller, more flexible and stronger. I don't need to wear orthopaedic insoles anymore.

Skype sessions at my convenience allow me a level of consistency that reluctant gym visits could never offer. It's so easy to fit in a 30-minute or one-hour session 2 or 3 times a week, exactly when I have the time. Regrets? Yes!! That I didn't discover this system years ago!"

Mrs Sharon Frese, Singapore
"Taking a Morphmat class via Skype or Facebook Messenger with Barrie is unlike any other exercise class I've done. Firstly, because he's not in the room next to you, and secondly, this fact doesn't matter at all! Barrie knows the human body so well that he can tell via the screen if your little finger is slightly too tense. Classes are personalised to a client's needs and energy levels so vary each time. My classes, for instance, include incorporating modified classical ballet exercises into the Morphmat sequences. Working with a Morphmat exercises the body on a deep level but never leaves me with aches and pains. Barrie's teaching is very precise and easy to follow; he can isolate and work on an individual muscles, if necessary. He even managed to unblock an issue with my pelvis once, saving me a lot of pain and a trip to the physio. And all via my PC screen! I have no hesitation in recommending Barrie as a teacher and his exercise techniques as a great way of staying mobile and fit. He is always available at a time to suit his clients. It is so convenient having my class online in my own home environment in Paris at a time to suit me. I've been working with Barrie for eight months now and definitely notice the benefits: my ankles and pelvis are stronger and better aligned, knees are stabilised and yoga positions have improved due to strengthening of my core. Five-star exercise from a five-star teacher!"

Mrs Elaine West-Lethielleux, France
"I have been enrolled as Barrie Robertson's client for eight years to date. The combination of Pilates exercises using a reformer, the Morphmat along with the Rollers, and the detailed instructions given by Barrie using his specific techniques, is just the mix that suits my body and contributes toward healthy alignment. This is precisely why I am a true fan and will opt to continue with this exercise regime as part of my lifestyle. The Skype exercise sessions also provide me with the venue choice that my body is most comfortable in, which I've noticed gives my sessions more of an edge to personal success. Thank you, Barrie!"

Violet Benjamin, Singapore
"As a writer/publisher of a successful series of hip city guides, I seek out and feature local businesses and owners with dedicated passion, sound experience and a unique understanding of their clients and their personal needs. They also need to have a certain 'wow' factor that has lasting, positive impact. Barrie and his Pilates class would be the type of business I would feature in my guidebook. He offers much more than an exercise or fitness session, rather he offers a truly wholistic health system taught artistically, intuitively and engagingly. In every class I always learn something new and essential about my body and my higher self, as well as about, fitness - in general, about how to lead a positively balanced, healthy lifestyle."

Dawn Mok, Singapore
"My wife and I have had the pleasure to know Barrie Robertson for the past ten years and as our Pilates instructor for four.  It’s a rare opportunity in the world we live in to come into contact with someone like Barrie.  His great respect for Pilates, for his students that attend his classes and the studio environment he created, is unmatched.  Because of his background in dance, yoga, and knowledge of kinesiology, his presence alone is lively, energetic but yet disciplined.  It has been a privilege to realize the human side of this extraordinary man.

Barrie is extremely aware of the mind- body connection.  His senses are highly attuned and I can tell from attending his classes that he understands and feels the deep healing benefits of Pilates beyond the physical realm.  

Barrie is one of the most unique, genuine, loving and dedicated Pilates practitioners I’ve met.  It’s with a deep conviction of the heart, that I unconditionally recommend him for Pilates. Barrie is one of those rare people you meet in life that you never forget and I know that as an instructor, people will be taken on an unforgettable journey like none other."

Michael Chong, CEO Monopole Pte ltd, Singapore